Rug Doctor Wide Track Deluxe Pack

Rug Doctor Wide Track Deluxe Pack

Dirty, grimy, worn-looking carpets... If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. For over 35 years Rug Doctor has rented powerful, easy-to-use carpet cleaners at over 30,000 retail locations. And now, you can own the professional cleaning power of Rug Doctor.

For as little as the cost of one visit from a professional carpet cleaning service, you can have the power of a professional-grade Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner at your fingertips—whenever you need iWith the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro® or the Rug Doctor Wide Track®, you'll get the advantage of powerful 1-pass cleaning, no repetitive back and forth motion is required.

Every Rug Doctor comes completely assembled and includes a full upholstery kit featuring our Universal Hand Tool. Plus, with every order, you'll receive a professional quality Rug Doctor cleaning kit.

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