Oreck Model U2000R-1, U2000RB-1, U2000RB, U2000RBBW Part Breakdowns

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475035-02Bag Retainer Spring
5PK80009DWDust Bag, (8 Pk)
PK800025DWDust Bag, (25 Pk.)
675246-16U2000RB: Outer Bag
75645-42U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Outer Bag
75246-41U2000RBBW: Outer Bag, Best Western
709-75078-08U2000RB/U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Bag Clip Assembly
09-75078-09U2000RBBW: Bag Clip Assembly, Blue
809-75308-57Connector Assembly Kit, includes items #3 & #84
09-75952-01U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Connector Assembly Welded W/Nut
1075198-05Tube Assembly
1209-75221-12Fan Housing Assembly, includes Rivet & Sping
160134623End Cap
1809-75300-01METAXALLOY Fan Kit w/Washers
1975012-01Fan Seal Cup
20a75956-01-441U2000RB-1/U2000R1: Cord Extension
2609-75430-20U2000RB: Top Cover w/Belt Door Assy (Incl. mylar label & strain relief)
09-75430-19U2000RB-1: Top Cover w/Belt Door Assy (Incl. mylar label & strain relief)
09-75430-05U2000RBBW: Top Cover w/Belt Door Assy (Incl. mylar label & strain relief)
09-75430-03U2000R-1: Top Cover w/Belt Door Assy (Incl. mylar label & strain relief)
2775181-04Bumper, Clear
2809-75066-02Intake Pivot Assembly with Felt Seal
2975065-01Felt Seal
3275117-01MFelt Seal, Motor
3303-00494-01Srain Relief
3409-75505-02Motor Assembly Kit
3575095-01Motor Seal
3609-75514-01Kit, Motor Brush (Large & Small)/Spring
39a75855-01Drive Belt, Single Permanent
4075894-01-441U2000RB/U2000RB-1: Door Belt, Red Vented
75894-01-438U2000RBBW: Door Belt, Blue Vented
75057-01-441U2000RB-1: Door Belt, Red Vented
4275930-01Brush Roll, Permanent Belt
75104-02U2000RB-1: Brush Roll
4375008-01Seal, Baseplate
4475299-01Plastic Detent, (uses 2 #49 screws)
4509-75900-01Complete Baseplate Assembly Commercial Vented
09-75900-03U2000RB-1/U000R-1: Complete Baseplate Assy Commercial Vented
4675700-02MICRO SWEEP Blade
5075766-04Edge Brush
5103-00630-01MWheel Axle
5275187-02-0327Soft Rear Wheel, Black
5475559-01Single Speed Switch
5509-75576-08U2000RB/U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Grips, Red Hardwire Handle
09-75576-06U2000BBW: Grips, Blue Hardwire
5609-75185-07U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Cord Wrap Assembly
5775190-07Handle Tube
6075283-01Motor Spring
6175087-05Tube Label
6575599-11Mylar Label
oreck-75599-02U2000R-1: Mylar Label
7675432-01Handle Brace
76a75435-01Handle Brace Kit
7975189-02Stiffener (uses same length screws, notched)
8103-00600-01Cord Flex Relief
8775709-01Wheel and Tire Overmolded
9276061-01-0327Bag Stiffener
9375880-01-0327PCB/Footswitch Bracket
9475879-02Main Circuit Bard Only on units with perm belt
95oreck-75878-02Circuit Board Harness Only on units with perm belt
9675877-01-441Wire Harness
9777014-01-0387U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Carrying Handle
9875954-01-0327U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Clampp, For Carry Handle
9977066-01U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Dentent
10075957-01-441U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Cord, Red 120V 3 Cond. Pigtail*
10175955-01U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Commercial Cord Lock
10275978-01U2000RB-1/U2000R-1: Insert for Commercial Cord Lock*