Sanitaire Model SC889 Part Breakdown

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253238-18Screw Package
360946Washer - Packaged
460945Sprint - Packaged
528316-308NRetainer - Cord
653197-1Screw Package
776643-308NHousing - Switch (LH)
827871-1Switch - Rocker
982470Upper Cord Assembly
1060192-1Wire Splice 5
1159741-316NShield - Wiring
1260947Screws Packaged
1376644-308NHousing - Switch (RH)
1436577A-27Supply Cord Assembly
1515774-3SVUpright Handle & Grip Assembly
1776224Cord - Extension (50ft) - Extension Cord not Pictured
1876225-355NCord Lock - Extension Cord Lock not Pictured
13154B-355NRetainer Cord (Lower)
12637-14Tube - Handle (Lower)
Not Pictured38183-4SVHandle Socket Assembly
36439Shield - Handle Socket

153143Screw Package (10)
238053-5Knob & Graphics Assembly
3Not On This Model
453214-1Wire Nuts / Package 10
5Not on This Model
653238-13Screw Package
756383-1SVDuct Assembly (R)
849052-3Tape Foam
9Not on This Model
1054177Wire & Terminal Assembly
1153213-4Nuts - Package of 10
1253097Spring Foot Pedal Package
1353238-13Screw Package
1453140Clamp & Screw Assembly Package
1501470D-30SVBase Assembly
1624964A-1Cam (Right)
1724965A-1Cam (Left)
1853118Rivet - Shoulder Package
1953133STL Wasshers Package - 48495 NLA
2053117Spring - Hood Package 10
2130517Gasket - Motor Seal
2253238-14Screw Package
23Not on This Model
2454097-7Hood & Nameplate Assembly
2579514Nameplate - Contractor
26Not on This Model
27Not on This Model
28Not on This Model
29Not on This Model
3054173-1Wire Assembly (Grounding)
31Not on This Model
3253238-14Screw Package
3453238-13Screw Package
3554352-16Motor Assembly - Packaged
3656382-1SVDuct Assembly (L)
3749052-3Tape - Foam
3830517Gasket - Motor Seal
3953238-11Screw Package
4024834A-5Pedal - Foot
4137034Spring - Adapt Retainer
4336263Cover - Wheel
4452334Fan Chamber Replacement K
4513770-1Cover - Fan Scroll
82509PCB - Speed Control

153469-28Zipper Bag Assembly - Package
277491Dirt Tube & Overmold Assembly
349461B-5Hardware Package - Comm Upright
478091Owners Guide
547722Spring - Bag
648410Spring - Garger
763213Upper Syn St Dustbag w/A&H
78221Zipper Handle Chain Assembly

176370-3SVRear Wheel Assembly
235947AAxle - Front
335859A-1Wheel - Front
453076-2Spring & Axle Package (6)
552282-4Bristle Strip Package
654256Brg & Ret Assembly
726057ACap - Disturbulator
826059ACap - Cover
913236-3Tube - Disturbulator
1046538-4Tape - Foam
1125922-1Bottom Plate Assembly
1253270Disturbulator Assembly
1325937Shaft - Disturbulator
1453184Klipring Package
1653158Lock Nut Package
1730563ABelt - Disturbulator Drive
1853238-11Screw Package
1955535-2Axle Clamp - Packaged
2037183Axle - Rear
37234-5SVWheel & Axle Assembly
53110Washer - Wheel Package
53121Push Nut Package (10)

154352-16Motor Assembly - Packaged
4UAU-000000-00K03Motor Brush Assembly
553188-2Washer Package
6UAU-000000-00K02Fan Blower - Motor
7UAU-000000-00K06Pulley - Motor
1153148-1Washer - Fan Package (10)
753148-1Washer - Fan Package (10)